Sunday, March 13, 2011

Send a sample may be of no use

As long as a business, running a factory or company, they will inevitably have to send a model.

My experience tells me, send the sample return value is very low, into real business, may be less than 1%.

Soon after the "debut" when asked who sent the samples, I always responsive, results all failed to be implemented. Because a lot of money, so even with my wife Naoyi Xian.

Later I found that really made the business are those with me on it later, directly to my factory to a tiny fraction of that person.

Now if people want me to send the sample again, I would say: "You really are sincere to do business with me Why? To visit me will not take some money. If you are in dire need of my product, at least You have to use Your vision to understand my product, know my factory, I know, in short to understand all of my gourd tofu. I do not need samples sent. "

Indeed, for those sitting at his desk to the person you want to sample, you need not take seriously, to push on the turned down Come, eat salted fish less thirsty. Even if he can become your customers, because he is not an urgent need for your product, start a small business will be everywhere after passive. Furthermore, such a thing does not seriously treat people who can do long-term customers have to make a question mark.

Monday, October 25, 2010

WiMax to Japan side length

When the U.S. mobile communications company Sprint Corporation (Sprint) recently announced plans to launch in Boston and other three cities when WiMax services, Ericsson (Ericsson) but reverse the line, publicly closed the WiMax R & D center, switching and competitive WCDMA WiMax wireless technology. Ericsson's "lack of market demand," the reason is that the status of the U.S. WiMax market precarious realism.

Recently in the background, research institutions, telecom consultancy Analysys International and the U.S. IT market research firm Yankee Group (Yankee Group) jointly introduced the WiMAX World Conference in China, Analysys International also made an interesting analysis: WiMAX development, the main contributing factor is the growth of mobile data users, particularly in low income and educational background in higher user growth.

In fact, rule out the individual user level because of cultural and economic development with the United States is different from the needs of enterprise customers for WiMax in the United States the difference between the basic convergence: on the one hand is the temptation - in the roof On a receiver, enterprises equivalent to have a flexible broadband access "channel", without laying expensive fiber optic cable; the other hand, business users have to this temptation and a nascent disruptive technology to the enterprise of "insecurity," trade-off between .

Uncertain future

As a disruptive technology, WiMax advantage of self-evident: beyond the wired network access speeds, compared to Wi-Fi, its coverage is also more - much to the range of several tens of kilometers around the base station. However, IT staff need more is a need to worry about technology. In an interview with "InformationWeek" interview, mobile storage manufacturer ATP, director of the company's IT system, Robert 鈥?Neil (Robert Neill) said: "What we need is through a single account and network operators a steady connection, which requires different technology among operators how to better cooperate in providing mobile phone or BlackBerry as it is now the service. "

In addition, different from ordinary consumers, enterprises are interested in wireless broadband access in addition to "ubiquitous coverage", "high speed" and "cheap", there are more pressing question: When can access the service ? After all, broadband network services, whether it is born out of the mobile operator's data services, or as a wireless extension of Internet IP WiMax, are the government, operators, equipment suppliers top-down support. These, in China are not very clear, even if there are two serious telecommunications and IT research firm in Beijing keen to guide and publicity.

"Dream" into reality according to

Ambiguous attitude toward the parties and under debate, WiMax initial and key players in the Intel Corporation (Intel) continue to push forward the development of the technology, but this time than before, obviously a lot more realistic. Intel Developer Forum in the most recent information (IDF) said, in the upcoming code-named "Montevina" mobile processor provide the first integrated Wi-Fi/WiMax features that make Wi-Fi, WiMax complement allow users to move quickly to retain high-definition video and download large data files possible.

Intel's intent is: the "Centrino" chip successfully copied to the WiMax body - in a short time so that mobile equipment vendors supporting the product, and then to other attitude "ambiguous," the parties to better support the reason.

Intel, as the most upstream suppliers is so unshaken, or because the user has actually long been on the wireless applications and "everywhere" concept of moving the heart. WiMax Summit in Beijing, the first day of the two Yankee Group analyst described in detail in the WiMax platform, how will the user experience in the subversion of the individual, and gradually infiltrated into enterprise applications, thereby automatically achieve "ubiquitous enterprise applications "(Anywhere Enterprise).

In the fixed WiMax, some American businesses have started using TowerStream offers WiMax-based broadband, as broadband backup or alternative to T1. According to "InformationWeek" report, TowerStream provided is based on fixed WiMax (Fixed WiMax) on IP-based voice technology (VoIP), the service covers Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and other large cities. In addition, once the darling of WiMax, Sprint, now is the ClearWire companies than medium-sized cities and in a number of WiMax wireless broadband service related.

Wireless WiMax in the applications, the technology embodied as an extension of fixed and Wi-Fi high value. "InformationWeek" the report said Japan's Okinawa islands began to use Alvarion's WiMax technology to cover Tokashiki Island (Tokashiki), Zamami Island (Zamami Island) and Aka Island (Aka) and so on. As the typhoon in Okinawa often "walk" the channel, and the local not only scattered islands, but also have hilly terrain, fixed-line broadband has already been proved impossible to implement. WiMax becomes the only possibility.

"Gold mine" is hard to dig

In the Chinese market, the voices against WiMax is not small. Market research firm In-Stat analyst with Li Minti some negative point of view: the user difficult to distinguish between WiMax and cellular networks, the distinction should be obscured from the difference between technologies is not very easy, will worsen the user experience; In addition, for mobile operators, while WiMax can match the third-generation mobile communication technology (3G), but operating a cellular network is a great project, with such a WiMAX network, operators will result in resources decentralized, domestic and foreign carriers operating two networks in the two networks rarely have success.

Indeed, not ClearWire company operating two networks such as start-ups can only large carriers such as Sprint, with 5,300 million existing users, all over the base station, a lot of cash and good relations with vendors, and even start and Intel other firms to establish the underlying R & D cooperation, to try to have emboldened the gold mining WiMax.


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8 questions with 6 way

China Xin Xi personnel for the current training Mianlin of Wen Ti, the author focuses on the following eight Ren Wei Mao Dun:

First, the training of more information while the brand has less gold content of the training. Opened and IT-related newspapers, magazines, shops and a variety of training, but can really bring to the effectiveness of management training programs are not many, but have little training brand, therefore, training quite a mixed bag, but also objective extent affected the normal order of the training market.

Second, the market for information technology personnel and training needs of the relative lack of a strong contradiction between. The one hand, experts predict, the next 10 years, the talent gap in China's e-commerce will reach more than 200 million people. Shortage of those able to integrate modern information technology to business management, but also has the practical ability of the compound talents. Harm to not pursue the accuracy of the experts predict, on the other hand, our training programs can choose small, stereotyped, demand and supply do not match.

Third, improve the theoretical knowledge and enhance the ability of the contradiction between the practical operation. The current training programs, often face the dilemma of choice: a stress theory of information literacy professionals to improve or focus on information technology to enhance human resources capacity of practical operation? Of course, to achieve the unity of the two combined is the best model, however, in reality, the organic integration of the two easy to do! Theory and practice of information mismatch become the training needs across the chasm.

Fourth, differences in business conditions and the unity of the contradictions between the material. As we all know, corporate diversity, industry to industry, the interior of each is different, so many of the management staff to put together training, the training market itself Jiumei You right Jinxing market segmentation, can be imagined, even if the level of the speaker Jiaoshou high, difficult to reach, the effect of training will certainly be discounted.

Fifth, the formal education and vocational training, the contradictions between. Now, the advantage is to provide a formal tertiary education, enterprises need more vocational training. Formal education tend to have strict qualifications of academic Yao Qiu, and with various courses of She Ji, Zhou Qi bit longer if yes MBA Xiangmuyeyao 2 Nian or so, while vocational training has Mingque 浼佷笟 the Zhuanyeqingxiang, Xi Wang practical work problems encountered, exploit any tiny opening, similar to the "get rich quick." So, how to deal with formal education, "distant water" and business vocational training "thirst" relationship, become institutions and enterprises have to consider.

Sixth, teachers teaching diversity and unity between the conflicts. Currently, participation in information technology training for teachers both universities, research institutes professors and researchers, but also from business executives, professionals and even some intermediaries, their cultural background, have the advantage of expertise The difference, saying that everybody's strengths into a unified co-ordination is very difficult material. Even if the editor of a scholarly research, the scholars in the co-ordinating the different styles, writing specifications, are very difficult to imagine such a large span of co-ordination of a unified training materials, the more difficult.

Seventh, the diversification of training staff motivation and training institutions, unified standards and accreditation between contradiction. We know that training of the staff there are various motives, some want to enter the IT field, "licenses", and some from the career development and future promotion consideration, and some promising IT industry, Zhu Yu cross-investment, hope right the whole understand the industry, so many motives, often difficult to adopt "uniform standards" for certification. Fish in the structure must be certified undermined the credibility of training institutions, training personnel dampened enthusiasm.

Eighth, training fees and training institutions contradiction between the level of profitability. Can not be denied, despite all the training institutions say they are non-profit or a small profit, but to imply that there is profiteering phenomena in many training programs, and even some training to become a "Jiaoqian - Certification" of simple labor .

How to Solve the above contradictions, the author recommends that:

First, the training institutions should establish a training goal of build quality, long term and overcome the short-term profit-making behavior. Need to develop medium and long term training plan, overall progress, step by step, constantly sum up experience.

Second, starting from the market demand, for enterprises to solve practical problems, rather than from training institutions ability was, and certainly not from a government departments to complete some training the tasks. Because the training is excellent through the market testing, business training program is approved, is the touchstone of the success of training programs.

Third, strengthen the training of teachers. The level of teacher training programs directly related to the success or failure, but the exchange between teachers, assessment, common understanding, to improve teaching skills are very necessary. Currently we often neglect the training of the teachers themselves, which is very deadly.

Fourth, for different companies to carry out different elements of training. In other words, must be training for different types of enterprise market segments, for different target customers, to provide different training.

Fifth, strictly control the scale of training courses to enhance the training threshold, to eliminate the phenomenon of cohabitation. Quality training does not depend on the number of heads to win but to win by quality. Of course, this also requires a good balance between training institutions in short-term gains and long-term relationship between income and avoid profit-oriented behavior.

Sixth, and most importantly, pay attention to theoretical guidance, the promotion module training, strengthening the case study. Now, many managers lack of theoretical knowledge in the internationalization and the dual impact of information technology, enterprises can not be bigger and stronger, therefore, training programs must provide the necessary theoretical knowledge, while, through modular training, you can avoid " unified model "of the monotonous rigidity, while the case studies can greatly enrich the background of actual combat training, encourage students to participate in the discussion of traditional education to prevent the" mouthpiece "of the phenomenon.



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DB2 pureXML a portfolio of dynamic programming: iBatis + BeanUtils + JiBX

DB2 pureXML-based application development model

This paper describes the development model to be the main variable for the needs of application development, using a variety of tools and techniques to enhance the flexibility of the framework. With the XML description of the capacity and flexibility to be a growing recognition that many XML-related technologies emerged, more and more applications using XML technology. An XML-based application development often can be divided into several levels: data storage layer, data access layer, business logic and interface presentation layer.

DB2 pureXML technology to mature for these XML-based application development provides a strong support. pureXML technology provides efficient XML storage options, while supporting standard for XML Query Language, allows application programs can easily and effectively organize XML data in the data provided Linghuo Xing Cun Chuceng. The pureXML technology in order to better integrate into the entire application development, the need to examine other aspects of support to technology.

DB2 pure XML-based application development, data access layer using iBatis would be very appropriate. iBatis is an open source persistence framework, which supports POJO class and the mapping between database tables for the application of upper provides data access abstraction. Compared to other ORM framework, iBatis DB2 pure XML-based application development has its own advantages. First of all, iBatis mapping provides a flexible definition of way, developers can use SQL / XQUERY statements describe the logical organization of database data, XML data, with the introduction of the definition and implementation of such a mapping system to show a good applicability, and XQUERY other ORM framework support is not very good. Secondly, iBatis mapping file allows the development SQL / XQUERY statement, to provide developers greater flexibility, you can use efficient SQL / XQUERY statements to access data.

In the business logic layer, using JiBX and BeanUtils, JiBX provides support for data binding, DeanUtils was provided to support dynamic class.

Complex business logic, first of all necessary documents to complete POJO and XML data binding. JiBX is a data binding framework that can achieve the XML data binding between Java objects, to meet the application installed between the two exchange (Marshal / Unmarshal) requirements. Comparison of other data binding frameworks, JiBX uses byte code enhancement, and XPP (XML Pull Parsing) technology, with excellent performance (see References [5]). DB2 pure XML-based application development, for more frequent data and Java objects into XML, JiBX is a good choice.

As used in business logic POJO corresponding XML data representation, and the need to dynamically change the POJO to adapt to change. BeanUtils tools to support dynamic changes to Java Bean, you can dynamically POJO, have adapted to meet the needs of some of the data structure changes. Provide the tools to use BeanUtils Another advantage is that you can improve development efficiency, developers can easily use less code to achieve some of the operations of the Bean.

Displayed in the interface layer, the introduction of XSLT technology. XSLT is a transformation language based on XML document can be defined XML style sheet in accordance with the conversion. XSLT allows XML data to its form of decoupling, the same XML data, you can apply a different style sheet, so as to achieve different forms. Changes in demand for the show floor, you can just modify the style sheet. This form of XML data and their loose coupling between the front-end for the XML application development lead to higher scalability, improved the flexibility of XML application development.

The layers of the test, DB2 pureXML-based application development provides a useful model. This article will briefly introduce the next development in the technology tools they need to give readers a better understanding of this development model.



XML is self-descriptive (comprehensibility), flexibility, platform independence and the advantages of standardization, the best technology is widely applied to various fields. DB2 9 provides a good for the XML data storage and management mechanisms, IBM will be the technology known as "pureXML". XML for DB2 V9 on the original ecology of efficient storage, and supports SQL and XQuery query methods. Moreover, all the relational mode of operation and database tools can be used on XML, such as indexing mechanism, import and export, related queries, high-speed bulk loading, system optimization and so on. PureXML features in the support, DB2 V9 as a support both relational data and also supports XML-primitive twin-engine database worthy of the name. With the strong support of the XML data, DB2 pureXML in the enterprise value is also increasingly widespread attention.


IBatis is a "semi-automatic" in the ORM framework. Here, "semi-automatic" is a relative Hibernate provides a comprehensive database such as encapsulation mechanism of "fully automated" ORM implementation, the programmer is often simply defined the POJO mapping to the database table, SQL can automatically generate and implement , through Hibernate or OJB provides the procedure for the persistence operation. The iBatis's focus, then lies between POJO and SQL mapping. In other words, iBatis and programmers will not automatically generated at run SQL / XQuery implementation of the specific SQL / XQuery require programmers to write, and then through the mapping configuration file, the SQL / XQuery required parameters, and return the results field is mapped to the specified POJO. This semi-automatic into the developer to provide some space for free play.

The following work on the machine on the iBatis make a brief introduction, the reader can provide reference for further access to this article.

IBatis design patterns is a core part of the SQL Map, it needs to provide an XML file to get the database connection and simple Java bean mapping with the SQL statement. And not just a SQL Map XML file that actually a design pattern. In the implementation of the mapping statement, SQL Map will create a JDBC PreparedStatement instance of using the objects described in XML as a PreparedStatement instance parameters, the implementation of PreparedStatement and the results from the Result object is created, the implementation of the process in Figure 1, said:

Figure 1. iBatis implementation of the flowchart


JiBX is a very good framework for XML data binding, JiBX conversion efficiency is a lot of open source projects can not be compared. It is bound by a flexible mapping of data objects and file conversion between XML documents, the text block is the connection between XML data and Java objects bridge.

A simple example of binding shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2. The definition of a simple binding

In this case, JiBX binding file defined in the XML sub-elements and members of the mapping Java classes to XML elements to Java object properties with the corresponding link. JiBX binding definitions provide a very flexible, interested readers can learn more from the Resources.

Using JiBX binding XML documents and Java objects are divided into two steps:

The first step is to compile the bindings, that is your definition of practical completion of the binding compiler into class files. JiBX provides a binding for this purpose compiler. Can run the compiler, one or more binding definition file path as an argument to run org.jibx.binding.Compile program. For example: If the JiBX installation path C:, you can define the binding path where the file binding.xml run the following command:

java-jar C: jibxjibx-bind.jar binding.xml

If you use the Ant build tool to compile the work completed, some details see References [4].

The second step is running bind, XML documents and to achieve the mutual conversion between Java instances, use the JiBX runtime to the document data marshalling (marshal) and data compiled from (unmarshal). Data marshalling Java objects generated by the process of XML text block, the data compiled from the text based XML Java object the establishment of the process block.


Apache Jakarta Commons BeanUtils project is a powerful component. Mainly focused on Java reflection and introspection API, package, its aim is to use reflection on the JavaBean properties for processing. BeanUtils advantage is the ability to achieve a dynamic Bean, that is not pre-define a standard JavaBean class, but based on business need to add properties dynamically at any time and can be used as a JavaBean, which can operate with the BeanUtils methods other JavaBean operate the same.

BeanUtils was divided into four packages:





The first two of which are BeanUtils the default implementation, it does not have any treatment for localized, this can improve the efficiency. But if your application for the localization of a requirement, then it is safer to use the latter two packages.

Here are some typical BeanUtils methods:

(1) LazyDynaBean: it implements a dynamic Bean, directly entered, and joined the property, and the same use as a JavaBean. For example:

/ * Used here LazyDynaMap, it is a lightweight implementation LazyBean backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /

LazyDynaMap dynaBean = new LazyDynaMap ();

dynaBean.set ("name", "Jone"); / / set simple type

dynaBean.set ("address", "stress", "HaiDian"); / / set map type

dynaBean.set ("phone", 0, "82502987"); / / set index type

Map myMap = dynaBean.getMap (); / / retrieve the Map

(2) copies of property: the method can clone directly between Bean (clone), such as:

BeanUtils.copyProperties (c1, c2);

But this copy is shallow copy, copy and two Bean may have the same object reference to be careful when using this.


XSLT is an XML document will be converted to other forms of documentation of the language, is the W3C's recommendation. Have mentioned that XSLT XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language), can Extensible Stylesheet Language, is also the recommendation of W3C standards. XSL is the XML style sheet, it is similar as the HTML style sheet CSS, but it is also much more complex than CSS, it actually consists of three languages: the language XML transformation XSLT, XML part of the definition of the language or mode of XPath, display the definition of XML languages - XSL formatting objects.

XSLT is the XSL standard, the most important part, it used to be an XML document into another XML document or another type of document. The XML into HTML is one of the main functions of XSLT. XSLT can be added to the output file a new element, or remove some elements. It can be re-arranged to classify these elements and elements to test and determine which elements and so on show.

Describe the conversion process of a common argument is: XSL with XSLT to an XML source tree into another XML result tree (or an XML source document into another XML result document), Figure 3 shows that the process:

Figure 3. XSLT input and output of the tree structure

Scenarios and solutions

The first part of this article on the pureXML, iBatis, JiBX, BeanUtils, XSLT and other technologies were introduced in detail, then how in the development of practical applications with pureXML storage flexibility, iBatis data access flexibility, BeanUtils and dynamic class JiBX generation, and XSLT to bring the interface to show flexibility in order to achieve a high degree of flexibility in the software framework, which is the focus of this article.

The following application on a specific scenario, for example, a brief introduction to the scene after the business process, will give a detailed program design ideas.


This application scenario is a resource exchange platform to provide resources primarily for users to upload and download capabilities, users can also edit existing resource information, such as adding some descriptive information, resources, links to related resources, or upload . Because the wide variety of different users to upload resources, descriptions quite abundant, resource information using XML as the description is undoubtedly the best choice.

The scenarios of the business process framework shown in Figure 4:

Figure 4. Business Process Framework Chart

If a user uploads a resource of new, which was necessary following the descriptions of new resources are added to enough free space to users, platforms, a dynamic model customization ways to let users define the information input of Mo Ban Xian Huozhexuanze others off the definition of template, and then re-input information based on the template. This benefit is not only the free space left to the user, while enabling the system to capitalize on these rich XML data.

If users want to edit an existing resource descriptions, the platform of the first display of personalized existing descriptions and receive user to add new information, taking into account some of the module interfaces Xuyao to Java objects in the form as a parameter to deal with these descriptions, the platform should can provide the edited information Java object, or directly to the database.


This data exchange platform is characterized by the largest data processing flexibility, and with the growing volume of business data have gradually become complex, making the rigid structure of ER model can not adapt to the complexity of data, flexibility, level sex, and individual differences, and since XML is self-describing features, a good deal of information can be complexity, understandability, flexibility and scalability challenges, so using XML as an information carrier understandable.

DB2 V9.5 for pureXML provides efficient management of XML data, features, and for the application to provide simple and convenient access method, the programmer just follow W3C developed XML / SQL standard can easily operate on XML data, therefore, choose pureXML no doubt as to the entire back-end database platform to run and lay a solid foundation; Batis allow free allocation XMLQUERY, these XMLQUERY in some cases can be reused, while the results it can be mapped to Java objects, using the framework can simplify application development ; to display personalized consider the use of XML, XSLT transformation where, as a descriptive message each have corresponding template, XML schema, so XSLT can transform XML schema and structure of individual shows; when the user needs have been described Add a new description of the information, you can use BeanUtils get from the interface description of a number of new information added to the JiBX generated by the dynamic JavaBean in the JavaBean can be obtained for other modules to use, or use the marshall JiBX mapping function to XML and stored in the database.

Figure 5. System Architecture

Convenience, this taking the "Edit descriptions" the business process as a case, combined with specific procedures designed to provide readers a clearer understanding of the flexibility of the solution.

First, the user reads the descriptions, and editing. This step requires the sql Map iBatis configuration file to configure the appropriate sql statement and execute, and then will be the descriptions of XML with XSLT personalize the display.

1. Configure sql:

Listing 1. sql Map of the configuration in iBatis

Parameters and query results of which will be mapped to pre-defined types of Java Bean: Description, implementation of the Java Bean is a database table DISCRIPTION the field to a simple Java object property mapping, the specific content of the list 2:

Listing 2. POJO class

/ * Mapping from table DISCRIPTION * /

public class Description (

private int id;

private String info;

public int getId () (

return id;


public void setId (int id) ( = id;


public String getInfo () (

return info;


public void setInfo (String info) ( = info;



2. Implementation of the query:

Listing 3. Check the description specified

import com.ibatis.common.resources.Resources;

import com.ibatis.sqlmap.client.SqlMapClient;

import com.ibatis.sqlmap.client.SqlMapClientBuilder;


public String selectInfoByID (Serializable id) (

try (

reader = Resources.getResourceAsReader (resource);

SqlMapClient sqlMap = SqlMapClientBuilder.buildSqlMapClient (reader);

Description param = new Description ();

Description result = new Description ();

param.setId ((Integer) id). intValue ());

result = (Description) sqlMap.queryForObject ("selectInfo", param);

if (result! = null) (

return result.getInfo ();



return null;


catch (Exception e) (

e.printStackTrace ();


return null;


3. Using XSLT for display:

As the XML document is read out from the meeting a predetermined definition of the template (the template customization technology, refer to the References resources [1]), so, just follow pre-defined template structure Zhan Shi on it, Of course, developing who can model their own characteristics, the preparation of different XSLT transformation style, making a more personal show, given the following XSLT is the most common form:

Listing 4. XSLT

xmlns: xsl = ""

xmlns: xsd = "

Then, the user can display the page description of the information, to edit the descriptions, assuming he chose to add some descriptions and save, then platform can use BeanUtils to the description of newly added dynamically to the original descriptions corresponding Java Bean, its premise is the need to read out the original XML document into Java Bean in the form of JiBX binding framework used here, because here is the dynamically generated Java Bean, in order to achieve this kind of dynamic binding, using the pureXML to manage the JiBX binding documents, namely: a description of each message corresponds to a bound document in the XML document required form and format conversion between Java Bean, and in order to maintain this mapping, when one changes any form, requires the binding simultaneously to change the corresponding file and save to the database. With pureXML support, the management mechanism is very convenient to achieve, given the length of the causes of this article is no longer discussed.

Next, using JiBX will read out the description of the previous XML document into Java Bean, and use BeanUtils to the user to edit the properties of dynamically added to this Java Bean to other modules in use.

4. JiBX will be converted to XML using Java Bean:

Suppose read from the database such as XML document in Listing 5:

Listing 5. Query the database by the XML

Gone With the Wind



It''s so go

Corresponding JiBX binding documents such as Listing 6:

Listing 6 JiBX binding document

This function can be achieved JiBX of Unmarshal Java Bean from XML to the automatic conversion of specific conversion processes such as Listing 7:

Listing 7. The XML document is converted to Java Bean

public Content getClassFromXML (String info) (

try (

InputStream xmlStream = new InputStream (info);

IBindingFactory bfact = BindingDirectory.getFactory (Content.class);

IUnmarshallingContext uctx = bfact.createUnmarshallingContext ();

/ * Unmarshal description infomation selected from database * /

Object bean = uctx.unmarshalDocument (xmlStream, null);

return (Content) bean;


catch (JiBXException e) (

e.printStackTrace ();

return null;



According to JiBX mapping mechanism, the converted Java Bean should have a list of 8 in the form of:

Listing 8. Conversion by the Java Bean JiBX

public class Content (

public String name;

public String section;

public String size;

public String discription;

public String getDiscription () (

return discription;


public void setDiscription (String discription) (

this.discription = discription;


public String getName () (

return name;


public void setName (String name) ( = name;


public String getSection () (

return section;


public void setSection (String section) (

this.section = section;


public String getSize () (

return size;


public void setSize (String size) (

this.size = size;


public void setSize (String size) (

this.size = size;



Of course, JiBX mapping mechanism is very flexible, and it not only supports these elements and attributes of one to one mapping, Huan support some map, and the mapping itself great flexibility, developers can 璁捐 based on actual needs.

5. Dynamically add attributes:

Add a description of the user of new information generated dynamically added to the Java Bean, then add the dynamic processes such as the list of 9:

Listing 9. BeanUtils dynamically add attributes

public Content addAttribute (Content content,

HashMap attributeNames, HashMap attributeValues) throws Exception (

try (

BeanUtils.setProperty (content,

(String) attributeNames.get ("URL"), attributeValues.get ("URL"));

BeanUtils.setProperty (content,

(String) attributeNames.get ("Role"), attributeValues.get ("Role"));

) Catch (InvocationTargetException e) (

e.printStackTrace ();


return content;


Then add the property to be dynamic after the new Java Bean, can follow the demand, using JiBX the Marshal mechanism to convert XML documents stored in pureXML, or for other mold


The emergence of DB2 pureXML for XML storage and use provide a good support. This paper focuses on how pureXML the popular combination of tools and frameworks, and presents a development model. With pureXML storage flexibility, iBatis data access flexibility, BeanUtils and JiBX dynamic class generation, and XSLT to bring the interface to show flexibility to achieve a high degree of flexibility in the application framework purposes.



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Aspect-oriented (AOP) and object-oriented (OOP) [1]

First of all you have to be clear that, AOP and OOP are two different point of view of cognition, not to say that just should not have AOP OOP.AOP concern is that the traditional OOP can not elegant solution. (Programmers often a perfectionist, and when to solve a problem is not elegant, it means not perfect.) following a simple example will illustrate how different they are in the end.

Using OOP for many years as a people, when I heard AOP can solve some OOP has not been able to solve the problem gracefully, I think we should tackling the relay them. Comparison of the two technologies give us the most practical applications provide insights. here I designed an example: a OOP applications, suitable for use in certain aspects of AOP.

This paper presents a simple example. Outset describes the problem domain, and then were given OOP and AOP solutions. Which uses JDK5.0, JUnit, and AspectWerkz. Finally, we illustrate how to write code. After reading this article, I hope you know what AOP in the end, what kind of problems to solve. (because of the examples in the back of AOP used Java5.0 endorsement (Annotation), the reader first understand. - Translator Note).

Problem domain description

A software company hire a programmer, a business unit assigned to him and asked him to keep the manager. When team members accomplish their goals, the manager will give them the corresponding bonus. Companies need the program to be able to add a new employees and current employees to increase the prize money. For convenience, we use the CSV file to store data.

Figure 1 Solution Model

Category Manager (Manager) inherited from the class Employee, contains an additional attribute, Managing Project. A sector may contain a lot of employees. Constitute the company's various departments. Without consideration of the company such a class, because it is outside the problem domain.

Solution Design

The following diagram describes the solution design.

Figure 2, the interaction between objects (add a new employee, assigned to his department and manager)

For simple, this article concerns only the necessary details. Of course you can get what you want in-depth code and other information.

[Link] [/ link]

EmployeeServiceTestCase, a JUnit test case to simulate an end user, create new employee records, assigned departments and managers. It gets all of the available data on departments and managers and shows the graphic interface. BusinessUnit domain object to instantiate and Manager, access to records will be passed to the factory class. After passing through a reference to EmployeeService to create an Employee object. EmployeeFactory use this service to create an object class, and pass this object to be persistent EmployeeRepository operation.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Looking for a breakthrough signing strangers

Strange stranger in conversation is a major oral communication difficulties, handled well, can hit it off, Brief Encounter; not handled properly, can lead to lot of eye contact, awkward silence.

Living in a hotel on business recently and witnessed a live show: a first, but I have been living leisurely in bed watching TV, one by one before me and live, down bag, a little swab of times, rushed a cup of strong tea, side products from the side of those who came before me: "Master to a long time to listen?" "than the first guests to the moment." He was reading my side, pointing his mouth. "Ting Kouyin not the Northern people ah?" "Oh, Shandong Zaozhuang people!" Ah, Zaozhuang is a good place, ah! Primary school when I was in the "Railway Guerrillas" comic strip on the know. Zaozhuang a trip three years to go, but also a considerable interest has been playing with it. "After hearing this, immediately to customers who interested in Zaozhuang, Zaozhuang and two from the guerrillas on railway opened, and that intimacy, I am afraid I do not know exact details of people come to believe that they are a bargain. Then is give each other a card, dine together, sleep still in their side before the parties actually signed a contract to bring the word: Zaozhuang guest ordered a group of Southern style in a leather factory barrel; southern Jiangsu, where guests get a group of guests from Zaozhuang reasonable price bargaining coal. they met, talked and success, is that they have found the "Zaozhuang," "Railway guerrillas" are familiar with this common ground.

How can we find common ground between strangers do the same?

1, inspected the facial expressions, a stranger to find common with the

A person's psychological state, spiritual pursuits, life-loving, etc., are all more or less in their facial expressions, clothing, conversation, manners and so on to do well, as long as you are observant, you will find common ground. Take a veterans meet the same stranger, position just behind the driver. Car broke down soon after the road, the driver of a car truck through busy not fix. The stranger proposed to oil line and then check again the driver, the driver gave it a once skeptical way to really find the cause. The veteran felt that his unique skills may be learned from the forces of. Then test: "You spent time in the army, right?" "Ah, staying in 2067." "Oh, we two should be considered to be comrades in arms then. You military service, where troops ?"..... . So that up to strangers to talk, said that later they became friends. This is observed each other after the discovery had been a soldier of this common ground. Of course, the police found what facial expressions, but also fun loving with their combination of his interest in this also, the atmosphere is possible to break the silence. Otherwise, find common ground, it also found nothing to say, or about 12 on the "stuck."

2, in order to test if exploration and reconnaissance in common.

Two strangers on the value, in order to break the silence of the situation, speak, is the first, was to greet the opening, ask each other origin, identity, from which access to information; some accent by listening to words, words, surveillance of each other; others to action opening, side to help each other some much-needed help to do something, then try to test the side; and some are even asking for a light smoke and other features can be found, look for open oral communication situation. 2 Chronology of a county from the car, sitting on a bench. One of them asked, "Where I get off?" "In the end, you?" "Me too, you go to Nanjing, where?" "I went to Shanxi Road, Nanjing, relatives something, you're here are you?" "Is not , I was visiting relatives from Nanjing to. "After the two sides of the" fire detection ", the two sides of the county are familiar with, understanding of Nanjing, are relatives of the common ground to clear. After the two men found common ground on the other side very pumping machine, got off the other side is also a reciprocal invitation to a guest. This harmonious effect appears to be accidental, and indeed there is the inevitable result: the "fire detection", found common ground, while driving to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Office of the effects produced.

3, listening person, guessing common.

Friends drop in for you to encounter a stranger here, as are familiar to both the owner, immediately came forward for both parties, tell about the relationship between the parties and the masters of their own identity, work unit, or even personality, hobbies, etc. so, careful people can be found immediately from the introduction, and they have nothing in common with each other. One is the County Price Bureau of the Chief and a "County" teachers to meet in a friend's house, and the owner this was introduced to strangers, they soon discovered that the students are masters of this common ground, immediately around the "students" is a breakthrough in a conversation, mutual knowledge and understanding of, and even up to become intimate. That which is important when listening to introduction of careful understanding of each other, find common ground and then extended in the conversation, continue to discover new topics of common concern.

4, try to figure out conversation, and explore common ground.

In order to find their common ground with strangers, who may require communication with the care of other people talking, try to figure out, you can own in each other and try to figure out each other's words when talking, and found common ground. In a department store in Guangzhou, one of the attendants in the South China Sea Fleet, said: "Will you show me that thing." Also "I" as the dictionary might not find authentic Northern dialect. Another man in Guangzhou is a Northern army service. After listening to the former remark, also pointing to the shelves of a commodity on the salesperson said something similar, then, two infiltration between the lines all the words northern Jiangsu local flavor, so that the two strangers a laugh, to buy their own buying something out of the store to talk up question from the home to the troops, from the present task of talking about the road traveled over the years, introduces the future plan. Side of the body in a foreign land a pair of fellow's affectionate enthusiasm, knowledge of how people will not believe this is because the other one dialect and try to figure out the result. Shows that carefully try to figure out the other side of the conversation was indeed the two sides can find common ground so that passers-by into a strange acquaintance, become friends.

5, step by step in depth, excavated in common.

Find common ground is not too difficult, but it can only be the initial stage of the conversation required. With chat-depth, more and more common. In order to talk to each other more useful, we must dig deeper for a common step by step, to wish fulfilled. A vacation of college students and a comrade in the work of the Court, in a common meal with friends, being introduced by the master, the stranger talked together, and slowly find two unhealthy trends in society's views have common ground, unwittingly started the discussion, they are from the appalling social phenomenon, about the soil and roots produced from the role of democracy and the rule of law, about the expectations of the party and the country. The more talk about more in-depth, on both sides from the more reduced the more, the more common ground on both sides more. Both sides later spoke to the students understand that the community understand the Court's comrades and the masses of information outside the requirements, and enhance the consciousness of every effort to correct unhealthy tendencies are beneficial.

Are still many ways to find common ground, such as facing a common living environment, common tasks, common direction of the road, living habits, etc., as long as carefully find a stranger could say nothing about the situation is not difficult to break .

Wish the world could meet a stranger as ever, passionately devoted.

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Low back not just a cheap PC

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dell second quarter profit by 28 percent cited dissatisfaction with the price war has hurt revenue

REVIEW Dell Thursday posted second-quarter earnings, while profit rose 28% last year, but because of slow sales growth, lead to an unhappy investor.

NEW YORK August 12 News (Dai Yan compile search), according to foreign reports, Dell Thursday posted second-quarter earnings, while profit rose 28% last year, but because of slow sales growth, lead to an unhappy investor.

Dell said the weak federal government orders and measures affecting the sales of large-scale discount. Second-quarter sales of 13.4 billion U.S. dollars, grew by just 15%. Second-quarter earnings as high as 10 million (41 cents per share), compared with last year's second quarter of 800 million U.S. dollars increased by 200 million U.S. dollars. However, Dell's earnings included a recovery of profits earned overseas, tax cuts, otherwise the profit of 38 cents per share, and Wall Street's forecast of the same.

Dell is the earnings after the market closed, and the company's shares had earlier closed at 39.58 U.S. dollars, in extended trading, shares fell amid investor disappointment 8%, fell to 36.45 U.S. dollars.

For investors accused the sales growth was too slow, Dell executives said the acceptance, saying the reason is to provide consumers with too many benefits. CEO Kevin Rollins said: "The company is in little change in the competitive environment, some of which measures price war there mistakes, we did look at the sales strategy on a number of overly aggressive."

Recently, Dell has repeatedly published in the advertisement is by inviting low to entice consumers through the website or toll-free number to order. If the customer an additional few hundred dollars, but also can get more memory, faster chipsets, or liquid crystal displays and other upgrades. However, the effect of these strategies than in the past declined. In the second quarter, Dell's average revenue per PC of 1610 U.S. dollars from last year fell to 1,480 U.S. dollars, while the first quarter of this year, this figure is 1520 U.S. dollars.

In another development, Dell expects third quarter revenue will reach 14.1 to 14.5 billion U.S. dollars, earnings will be 29 cents to 41 cents per share.

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